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Hairsheep 3 Bt Piqué Cashmere Long Fingers

1 000 DKK 12383-100

Color Black

Timeless glove with extra long fingers. Made of hairsheep leather and lined with cashmere.


Table Cut

Hestra Table Cut gloves have been handcrafted by expert glove cutters with the finest materials in accordance with the original practices of the craft from the 17th century. Every glove is a one-of-a-kind creation with the most exquisite fit.




Piqué seams | Table cut | Extra long fingers
Piqué seams

Piqué seams means that the leathers are overlapped and sewn with a one millimeter seam allowance.


Cashmere 100%

A soft and fine wool from cashmere goats.

Outer material

Hairsheep leather

A thin and soft leather with high gloss.

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